A Permanent Home for “Small” Businesses

What We Do

We buy and grow small companies with the intent of never selling. We work with business owners to transition their legacies to a permanent home. After a business joins the Pursuant family, we invest in its people and operations so we can grow together for the next generation and beyond.


A simple, transparent process, a quick closing in 3 months or less, and a fair price.


We build trust with the team, customers and vendors while the business retains independence with the support of Pursuant.


As the new, permanent owner, we invest in the business, people and operations (i.e. sales, accounting, tech, HR, etc.)

Our Companies

(Past, Present & Advisory)


Companies in our family usually have many of the following characteristics.


HQ located in the US

Annual revenues of $3-30 million

Track record of consistent revenues and profits

“Old Economy” industries that aren’t sensitive to economic cycles

Business Owner


Seeking retirement or less day-to-day involvement


Prefers a permanent new owner to grow the business’s legacy and keep all employees on staff


Reasonable valuation expectation


Keep “skin in the game” via seller note or small ownership stake

Our Edge

We are a fully-committed, local buyer and operator of small businesses. Our goal is to grow businesses and their owners’ legacies for the long term. We do so by providing liquidity, growth capital and day-to-day management. We are not a private equity firm or strategic buyer:

Logo Pursuant Capital

PE Firm

Strategic Buyer (e.g. competitor)

Your Legacy, Our Responsability

100% of our time and effort to growing your company

One of many business; little time or attention

 Absorbed as one of many divisions / subsidiaries


We are in it for the long haul

3-5 year strict timeline

Depends on competitor

Day 1 After Closing

We operate the company day-to-day alongside employees and advisors

Strategy dictated to employees by PE firm to maximize profit

Integrate company into competitor; company likely goes away


“Permanent Capital” from entrepreneurs and operators

Large institutions with strict mandates

Competitor’s balance sheet and credit lines


Long Term Growth

Slash expenses, add debt, position company for re-sale

Integrate company into the competitor

Seller Involvement

Depends on seller’s desires; we are flexible

Full-time commitment



Our team is composed of entrepreneurs, business owners, and investors.

Sam Rosati Managing Partner

Managing Partner

Sam Rosati

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Mailing Address

217 S. Cedar Ave., Tampa, FL 33606


A simple, transparent process, a quick closing in 3 months or less, and a fair price.

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