A Flexible Home
For Small Businesses

What We Do

Giving your small business a founder-centric home.

Pursuant is a founder-centric independent sponsor dedicated to building enduringly profitable companies through strategic majority and minority investments across the U.S. Sunbelt.

What We Buy

We partner with small businesses and maximize their potential.

USA Based
Focused on the highest growth geographies across the Sunbelt.
$3-30m Revenue
Flexible size criteria with potential for substantial growth.
Long-Term Profitability
Consistent profit-generation for over three years.
Recession Proof
Track record of performance through all economic cycles.
The Numbers

Proven Track Record of Building Exceptional Businesses

Years of M&A Experience
Total Transaction Value
20+ Acquisitions since 2016
About Pursuant

Based In Florida. Operating Country-Wide.

Headquartered in Tampa, Florida, Pursuant Capital partners with durable businesses operating both in and outside Florida with potential to expand nationwide.

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Why We're Different

Partner with Pursuant Capital

  • 100% commitment to realizing embedded growth
  • Day-to-day operational expertise with deep industry experience
  • Unparalleled network of experienced entrepreneurs and operators
  • Indefinite hold period focused on protecting your legacy
  • Flexible capital structure without excessive debt
  • Mutually agreeable seller involvement post-close
Track Record of Successful Acquisitions

Ability to Seamlessly Execute Transactions.

Pursuant recognizes that founders are dedicated to the day-to-day operations of their businesses. Our objective is to streamline the sale process, minimizing your time commitment and ensuring a smooth execution to seamlessly transition your business.
Explore Our Successful Transactions
“The acquisition of our business was a pleasure. Pursuant knew all the best moves.”
Joseph Kent, New York
“We are so pleased with the results. The team knocked it out of the park.”
Annabelle Porter, Los Angeles
“I couldn't recommend this team enough. They took our brief and produced magic.”
Lewis T., San Francisco
“Not only did they deliver on their ambitious timeline, they exceeded all expectations.”
Trisha French, New York
Our Edge

Founder-centric independent sponsor model

Our independent sponsor model offers significantly more flexibility allowing us to custom-tailor our partnerships with a great outcome for all parties.

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What is an independent sponsor?

Typical funded private equity manages a pool of capital with strict guidelines for deployment and hold periods. At Pursuant, we raise capital on a case-by-case basis, allowing unparalleled flexibility in pursuing and closing transactions.

Is my business a fit for Pursuant?

Pursuant invests in a wide variety of sizes, industries, and situations. We are not beholden to any specific mandate aside from building durable, highly profitable businesses with our partners. Our investment criteria is companies in any industry with $3M-$30M located in the Sunbelt.

Are you going to fire my employees and flip my company?

Pursuant is not like typical private equity. We are not here to cut costs and flip your company after a very short hold period. Our mission is to build enduringly profitable businesses and maximize their growth potential. With an indefinite hold period, we're in it for the long-haul with ownership as long as it takes for an exceptional outcome for all parties.


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