Search Fund Bootcamp

A bootcamp for self-funded searchers


Searching has a binary outcome: a searcher either buys a business or doesn’t. Using our experiences searching, closing and operating small businesses, we want to increase the probability of success for self-funded searchers by providing guidance, resources and access to funding – all while preserving the searcher’s majority ownership.

Who is a good fit? (Not Required)

Self-funded searchers (current and prospective) that are “financeable” by the SBA and targeting US-based businesses. The bootcamp will be especially beneficial for searchers with non-M&A leadership backgrounds (e.g., operations, military, consulting, etc.).

What do you get from the bootcamp?

The guidance and resources of Pursuant Capital, a search partner with vast experience sourcing, closing and operating small businesses; a 3-day, in-person “Bootcamp” to learn everything we know about searching, closing and transitioning; a dedicated “Deal Team” with searcher-friendly terms (SBA lender, Quality of Earnings, Legal, Insurance, Tax –  all will attend the Bootcamp); access to equity investors with deep experience in self-funded search investing; and access to past searchers who are new small business owner/operators.

Live Bootcamps

The Bootcamp is a 3-day, intensive, in-person training course with Pursuant and its Deal Team. The next Bootcamp is November 2-4. The Bootcamp includes three full days of education and training (Click Here for Agenda), followed by after-hours dinner events. All food and beverage is included.

After the Bootcamp

After the Bootcamp, we will have a one-hour standing monthly group call for three months, plus a private chat room for sharing resources and tips with fellow searchers.

Bootcamp Fee

After acceptance into the Bootcamp, we require a $2,500 non-refundable fee. There are no other fees, but attendees do need to pay for travel and lodging.


Cohort of 10-20 searchers, Pursuant Capital, the Deal Team (SBA lender, Quality of Earnings, Legal, Insurance, Tax), and experienced self-funded search investors.

November 2022 Cohort

The November 2022 Cohort will be announced on a rolling basis. This group of 10-20 self-funded searchers will interact closely at the Bootcamp, while learning everything needed to succesfully search, close and trasition.

Next Steps for November Bootcamp

  1. Application (Click Here to Apply)
  2. Acceptances Announced on a rolling basis
  3. Bootcamp (Click Here for Agenda)